Vista is the perfect solution for installers looking for mid-range Video Surveillance camera systems with high-end support.

We pride ourselves on creating a range of differentiated Video Surveillance products, developed in alignment with customer feedback, including CCTV cameras, recorders, CCTV monitors and CCTV accessories.

IP Cameras

Vista’s VIP Series of IP cameras offer the security solutions options your customers are requesting today.
NDAA Compliant - giving you peace of mind to offer one consistent solution across both private business and public sector installations. With SMART Video Analytics, Advanced Camera Technology and Edge Storage

Analogue Cameras

Have you got a niche application that requires an analogue CCTV system? Or perhaps you want to reuse existing coax cabling to keep costs down for your customer?
Our VA Series of Analogue cameras offer you a cost and surveillance effective alternative to IP.

IP Recording

VIP Series of network video recorders (NVRs) offer installers an excellent balance of price and performance to small to medium-sized IP systems.
Includes Vizion VMS - intuitive video management & remote software.

Analogue Recording

Our VA Series of Analogue hybrid recorders offer you a cost and surveillance effective alternative to IP and are NDAA compliant.
Includes Vizion VMS - intuitive video management & remote software.

CCTV Monitors

A range of Video Surveillance monitors for IP and analogue security camera systems. The Public Viewing Monitor (PVM) range also has in-built cameras or decoders making them an ideal deterrent to discourage unwanted behaviour and enhance the customer experience.

CCTV Accessories

Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your installation. Vista offers a range of accessories, monitors, and Client PCs designed to make every job as simple as possible. No matter who manufactures your existing CCTV equipment, we’ve got the right bit of kit to get your video surveillance system up and running, then keep it that way.

Signal Electronic Systems

We choose Vista CCTV because we were very happy with the previous experience of the Viper Central client software. We like it and it works well.
Barry Kearsley,
Managing Director

STC Solutions Ltd

We are big fans of Vista particularly the VK2 cameras and the Viper recorders.
Clark Skates,
Managing Director