Blog – Deter unwanted behaviour using Public Viewing Monitors from Vista CCTV

The lack of security in the retail sector has led to not only an 8% increase in shoplifting between 2014 and 2017 but also a rapid rise in violent behaviour. With a cut of nearly 22,000 police officers, the forces are finding it difficult to meet 999-call demands, consequently, minor offences such as shoplifting are not dealt with at all.

The rise in violence and crime within the retail sector

The costs of shoplifting and unwanted behaviours are bored by businesses, everyday shoppers and staff. Violence in the retail environment can be triggered by shop workers enforcing age restriction policies, refusing to serve intoxicated customers or dealing with shop thieves carrying a weapon, however, unwanted behaviour can occur at any time.

Currently, there is no effective solution to stop retail crime from happening. Even with security guards and Video Surveillance, shoplifters are still able to operate. In the convenience store sector, more than half of thefts are unreported due to police forces not looking into these incidents. ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “retailers and staff that have been subjected to abuse often give up on reporting crimes to the police because nothing is done, and that needs to change.”

Retailers have written to the government to assess shop crimes and develop ways to prevent it. They’ve asked for tougher sentences, fixed penalty notices and a full review of police force responses. Nonetheless, by dealing with incidents after they’ve happened, it risks the livelihoods of the public and doesn’t prevent these violent behaviours from occurring in the first place.

Reduce retail shrink by 50%

Vista CCTV has created a solution that deters crime before it happens. We have developed a new and effective way of cutting crime rates in half which has already proved to be beneficial in many retail stores across the UK.

Public View Monitors, PVMs for short, are being increasingly used by supermarkets to deter would-be shoplifters and other criminal behaviours. Public viewing monitors can be placed at self-checkout tills, high-value areas and entrances to let the public know that they are being recorded. PVMs can reduce criminal actions as potential criminals are aware that they’re being watched, therefore, the camera acts as a visual deterrent. 

Vista can help you protect your profits

Every retail owner wants to find a solution to combat crime within their store. The Vista team are readily available to show you how public view monitors can fit in your business.

Get in touch with the team today and kickstart the discussion for an effective, tailored solution for you and your business. You can contact the team via email: [email protected] or by phone: 0800 484 782,  a member of our team will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.