Customer Stories / July 2019

Curzon Ashton Football Club

Signal Electronic Systems & Vista help C.A.F.C score full points for their security

Executive Summary

Curzon Ashton Football Club successfully upgrades their CCTV security and monitoring to deter anti-social behaviour and increase customer satisfaction through Signal Electronic Systems using the Vista Viper NVR and VK2 Dome Cameras.

About our Customer

Curzon Ashton FC is a semi-professional association football club based in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, England.

Signal Electronic Systems (SES) are an electronics installer specialising in CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry and IRS TV Systems. They are a young company, set up 3 years ago by Barry who has 35 years’ industry experience and his colleague with more than 27 years’ experience.

The Challenge

Curzon Ashton FC was experiencing problems as a result of having an antiquated CCTV system. The owners knew they needed to upgrade their security and monitoring capabilities to ensure they complied with Health & Safety requirements on match days & during functions, as well as providing sufficient security out of hours.

Then at New Year 2018, the club suffered two break-ins, resulting in the loss of their safe and damage to walls & terrace barriers.

It was time to call in Barry and the team at Signal Electronic Systems.

The Solution

Signal Electronic Systems quickly nailed down the areas of concern with the club’s management:

  1. Security at night-time / unoccupied periods across the premises
  2. Anti-social behaviour by fans or event visitors
  3. Analytic analysis of activity in the stands and on the pitch to assist planning
  4. Protection of players plus match officials & their possessions
  5. Theft from concession areas such as snack bars, bars and cafes
  6. General monitoring of activity across the club, including function & meeting rooms

There were other elements of consideration too – such as the large span of ages of users who would need to be able to easily programme, monitor and report from the new security solution. Younger management members might be familiar with mobile apps, but older colleagues were more comfortable with a PC or laptop.

In addition, the design of the premises meant t-shaped corridors and other tricky areas needed securing.

Gathering all this information, SES were able to specify a solution that tackled the security challenges as well as health & safety obligations.

Vista’s Viper Central client management software solution

SES chose Vista knowing they could rely on their CCTV solutions to deliver for their client. SES were very happy with previous experience of our cameras and Vista’s client software – Viper Central. And they’d seen with other clients how Viper’s straight-forward descriptions and functionality makes it easy to navigate for any age of user.

The Viper Central was ideal for this client because of the easy but advanced search functionality, allowing incidents to be pinpointed using mapping and thumbnail search functionality, as well as bookmarking and easy downloading capability.

SES advised Ashton Curzon to install a Viper 32 channel recorder with 16/2 terabit of hard drive to provide sufficient storage and allow multiple cameras to connect.

VK2 Dome Cameras

The client wanted dome cameras, so in this instance Vista VK2 Dome Cameras were chosen because they are aesthetically pleasing as well as being suitable for internal and external use. They carry the highest ratings of vandal proofing (IK10) and external weatherproofing (IP66). These cameras allow detailed high-quality images to be captured, even in scenes of high contrast or at night, but at the same time offer reduced bandwidth requirements for storage of recordings.

Some of the VK2 camera models come with Advanced Video Analytics including:  Intelligent Motion, Intrusion, Tampering, Line crossing, Loitering and Human shape detection – all ideal for securing a business such as Curzon Ashton FC.

Vista Fisheye cameras were installed in the t-shaped hallways providing 360-degree visibility at the same time as the D-warping function. These have proved ideal in capturing left, right and downward video recordings.


Vista and SES worked closely in partnership to ensure the analytics were optimised & tailored to Curzon Ashton’s requirements.

Also, SES taught the Curzon Ashton management team how they could view, save and use recordings, across all platforms using the Viper Central software.

The Outcome

Signal Electronic Systems and Curzon Ashton FC have been very happy with the performance of their Vista solution, which has helped them to secure the club from break-ins and opportunistic theft, monitor and react promptly to anti-social behaviour by fans or visitors, and comply with health & safety requirements.

Their Vista CCTV solution along with the carefully considered analysis & installation carried out by SES means the club has a robust CCTV security solution, meeting their requirements of instant monitoring, ongoing recording and analysis.

The system has been in operation since February 2019, with no call outs to come back and resolve any issues, a situation that SES has come to expect from using Vista.

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Vista made it so simple...

It’s refreshing to have a supplier and manufacturer work closely together, making the project run smoothly and ensuring a quick turnaround for the client.
Barry Kearsley,
Managing Director, Signal Electronic Systems

The project ran smoothly...

We choose Vista because we were very happy with previous experience of the Viper Central client software. We like it and it works well.”
Barry Kearsley,
Managing Director, Signal Electronic Systems