Vista Essentials Range, including the FAST Crimp and Cut Tool

Vista are pleased to announce the release of an innovative FAST Crimp and Cut Tool, launched as part of their new Essentials range of network infrastructure accessories. The range, which includes patch leads, RJ45 connectors, boots, crimp tools, a patch panel and a cable tester, has been designed to ensure that installers can benefit from a fantastic collection of high-quality accessories at a very competitive price.

The FAST Crimp and Cut Tool comes with specially designed pass-through plug enjoys three major advantages over the standard crimp tools available on the market today. These include:

  1. Reduced time to make off the RJ45 connector.
  2. Greatly reduced potential for making errors in pin connections.
  3. Can include an integral strain relief boot for added strength.

Vista has released a short video to help best illustrate the time-saving advantages of the tool:

And you can find out about the full range here:

Bob Forehand, Vista’s Technical Manager commented: “The new Essentials Range completes our product offering to customers, allowing us to meet our customers’ solution requirements in full, including accessories and required tools to carry out an installation.

Whilst there are other individual products competing with the Vista Essentials Range, we believe the FAST Crimp and Cut Tool to be innovative in the UK”.

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